Christmas Day Recap 2010

Christmas morning, Nate and I woke to exchange gifts with each other before we hit the road to my family’s house for dinner. We went crazy with the wrapping paper and left it looking like a hurricane. I didn’t even bother to clean up the paper prior to us leaving. We came home to chaos but it made me smile nonetheless! I have been so blessed despite all the personal obstacles that threw themselves at me this year. I do not want anyone to take this post as a brag fest and note that I live very frugally all year long. I save up to buy people nice things and those around me usually do the same. We are firm believers in the “you get what you pay for” idiom when it comes to gifting. That said, on with the show…

I love having an artist husband, check out the amazing card he made! Sitting atop a skirt I bought with my bro’s gift card to me.

Nate bought me such wonderful things and I was seriously stunned to find these in a box! Hunter’s wellies original tall in Aubergine! I almost peed. Seriously. I always wear boots in the rain/snow so I don’t get my feet or pants wet and these will last me a lifetime! They are made of natural rubber and you can write your name on the inside. In Nate’s words: “They are a heritage piece.” I think those in the UK are familiar with these as they are the typical “festival boot” when it rains and gets muddy :) I put them on…with my pj’s rolled up haha

He also bought me a beautiful sweater from Anthro, check out the detailing (it’s the pink one) and this sweater from UO. My brother gave me a gift card in which I bought the lovely Recurring theme skirt here. My parents got me a pair of Frye tall boots in Redwood, a purse from Anthropologie, lab glassware vases (super cute!) and the Philosophy Candy Cane gift set on my holiday gift guide!

I didn’t take any photos of the food, was too busy eating it! We had prime rib, steamed carrots, spinach salad, sweet potato, spiced apples and tons of chocolates. I even ate some ice cream and my lactose intolerance didn’t act up yay! I was sweating sugar every night but hey peeps, it only happens once a year! This was the best Christmas I think I’ve ever had in terms of family time, friends, food & festivities! Every year I try to make it better than the last. I look fondly on the past but always try to live in the present.

My brother and I love the sock monkey (you know from that car commerical? ‘How ya like me nooooww?’) He loves it.

Now you have done it!

1. Were you mindful this year?

2. What was your favorite gift this year?

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