the aftermath

tgif? you feel me right? alright, so how was everyone’s holiday? this is such a bizarre time of year where the hype and anticipation are so so great that man, when it is over, a case of blues might descend on you! but don’t despair, new years eve will be here soon and you can bust out the bubbly and a sparkly dress one more time :)

i hope your holiday was filled with family, friends & fun…and maybe a glass or two of your favorite festive beverage! as per usual, i received an absurd amount of things that i didn’t need (hey, they don’t call them wishes for nothing)! i am so incredibly blessed to have the people i love the most present and share in these little moments that make this journey so special.

nate and i are also lucky to have jobs that are rewarding to us both personally and financially. we both work very hard so that we can afford to both give/get things to ‘enhance’ our lives. neither of us are big into seeing how much crap we can accumulate, but rather pool our finances into the luxury of being able to see the world.

some people like to spend it on gym stuff or electronics, we just have a different view on it i guess. i’m always talking about how valuable the ‘experience’ is to me so here are a couple things i received that make it a little easier ;)

photo (2)

the all important universal adapter but in 1 cube! i used to have them all separately and honestly, through 3 moves i’ve lost them. you guys know i’m also obsessed with skincare so the aesop travel kit was a must! lastly, some pinch provisions because you never know when you might need some otc meds, sewing kit, sanitizer, bits or bobs. sometimes, you have to get really creative when you’re in a foreign place to mend something!

how was your holiday? favorite memory and gift?

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  • Purelytwins says:
    December 27, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    our holiday was perfect :) went by too fast! but we enjoyed every minute of it!

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