did you just go on vacation? time to glow!

after a particularly intimate doctor’s appointment, (yes ladies, that fun annual one) my doctor remarked that i had such a healthy glow. her query as to whether i’d taken a beach holiday over the christmas break was met with marked reservation when i responded a resounding ‘no.’

i knew exactly where her mind was headed..had i been fake and baking?! she knows that i work in cancer research, and well… let’s just say the irony would most certainly be off putting to any normal person. i quickly reassured her that no, i would not put my skin at risk like that in a tanning booth. instead, i shared with her my new secret: glow pads.

you guys, i never EVER thought that this would work. i mean, i am the skeptic of all skeptics! but, i am going to be baring most of my flesh in a few weeks and don’t want to blind anyone from my pastey reflection. however, i wanted to find a product that didn’t use a bunch of crazy chemicals that are found in most spray tans out there. enter in dr. dennis gross’s alpha beta glow pads. these aren’t even a new product, just new to me!


um. these things are nothing short of incredible! they make them for both face and body and i am astounded at how evenly and natural these look! i have a medium complexion with yellow undertones and use 1 pad for body and 1 small pad for face (tip: you can also cut the body ones down to size to use on your face). these pads are touted as an anti-aging, exfoliating, sunless tanner that also contains active Vitamin D.

application: you simply swipe the pad all over your body until it runs dry. i usually let my face/body air dry for 5 mins before putting on some loose clothing (usually my pjs). it takes approximately 1 hr to develop color so i recommend doing this at night after a shower. the best part is that i was left with an even color and no breakouts from the product! i only wanted a subtle hint of color so i reapply around the 10 day mark. anymore and i think i’d probably look orange ha.

i’m not being paid to endorse these but it was an easy and safe beauty product that i couldn’t wait to share with you all :) let me know if you try them! what’s your current beauty ‘secret?’

2 Responses to did you just go on vacation? time to glow!

  • Katie says:
    January 4, 2014 at 2:59 am

    I am the whitest white girl EVER. I need these! I have actually been contemplating fake baking, I am so white. Contemplating….I haven’t. I wouldn’t. It’s just….I glow. And not in that good way that your Dr was referring to! ;)

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