boracay: a literal paradise

hi everyone! hope you all had a lovely holiday and weekend! in case you missed the trip recaps with photos, here’s tokyo & manila where we last left off.

ok. after the ceremony and reception, we headed to the after party which took us to pre-dawn and we had to catch our taxi at 5am! traffic in manila was fairly light and we got to the airport in 45mins. we made our way to the domestic terminal for our flight to boracay. we were able to find some chicken congee and settle our tummies before our short 1 hour flight. if you haven’t ever had congee for breakfast, try it! it’s incredibly savory and comforting and also gluten free!

our flight went by quickly and i thought we were going to land in the water because the airstrip at caticlan was so tiny! that was pretty entertaining to watch as we touched down. we immediately retrieved our carry on luggage (no full size luggage is allowed due to weight restraints—we even had to step on the scales ourselves prior to flight so they could balance the plane)!

we had no idea the pampering that was in store for us. we stayed at the shangri-la boracay and my goodness, they know how to treat you right! the level of service made me feel like a celebrity! their staff immediately grabbed our bags, whisked us onto a private air conditioned van and took us to a fancy lobby station where we were served drinks and had free wifi until our private speed boat arrived?! those staying in other hotels had to take a group shuttle and ferry ride to their respective destinations. honestly, it was difficult not to feel guilty for the amount of special treatment we were given for staying at the shangri-la. everything from our check-in to room accommodation was impeccably timed, clean and above and beyond our wildest expectations.

the food and drinks were incredible, the staff were knowledgeable/friendly, and whatever food/drink/service imaginable could be acquired or accommodated. anyway, i will let the pictures do the talking!

one of three infinity pools

white sand beach!

our view at the shisha bar watching the sunset

what a typical breakfast looked like for me (i really love miso soup/wakame + poached eggs first thing)!

our last night at the beach with campari soda + lime & that view

can i go back now please? x

2 Responses to boracay: a literal paradise

  • Purelytwins says:
    March 21, 2014 at 12:45 am

    when you go back, take us with you!!! looks and sounds amazing!!

  • coco says:
    March 21, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    what an amazing trip!!! I so want to go there!

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