sunshine sunday

good morning everyone! thanks for continuing to read even when my posting has been so sporadic lately. i really do appreciate that you all stop by and contribute thoughts/ideas/comments <3 it's also nice just to see you all check in and let me know how things are going with you as well! the world is simultaneously vast and tiny with our interconnectedness on the web!

next week is nate's birthday so it's totally appropriate to start the celebration week right? we used up a gift card we had here and i started with a tetsu old fashioned. this drink was bourbon + black sesame + orange bitters. perfect way to ring in the end of work week! next up, i chose this hamachi and uni sashimi plate before my main course. i love sea urchin (uni–orange bit on top of the hamachi)! have you ever tried it? it tastes brine-y like the sea and makes me feel like i’m at an oceanfront so i tend to gravitate towards those flavors. there was a black garlic aioli and blood orange slices to top it off. if you haven’t tried black garlic yet, you are missing out! it’s pretty sweet and mild tasting in terms of garlic—totally worth the dragon breath! it was so beautiful i had to take a picture:

photo 2

now that the weather is finally turning, we are starting to decorate a bit for spring! it’s our first in this old house and we are really loving it. some people don’t like small, old and creaky homes but i find them to be so comforting. they are usually pretty sturdy as well! i’m a huge believer in not living in more space than we need—plus it’s more to clean anyway! amirite?!

anyhow, i round this great little card from rifle paper co it’s simple but full of things i love and gets me in the gardening mood!

photo 1

we did a bit of urban gardening in our old apartment using rubber containers and grew some herbs but couldn’t produce anything of real value. now that we live in a house, we’re excited to get our hands dirty! you should buy your seeds from amazon because they tend to be cheaper than home stores and also you can get some really great recommendations for plant growth! so far, we have seeds for some cos, zucchini & tomatoes!

lastly, the return of outdoor running! i am not a serious runner by any stretch but i do enjoy going out for 20 or 30 mins if the weather is nice! this has been my favorite song lately and puts a huge smile on my face everytime! try it out:

how’s your weekend going? are you planning on any gardening this year? what’s your best green thumb tip?

3 Responses to sunshine sunday

  • Kristina says:
    April 7, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    Yay outdoor running! I am not a ‘serious’ runner either, I just run for fun & stress relief, but I am also super excited to run outside without fear of falling on the ice and breaking my entire body. I can deal with cold, but when it gets too slippery I give up.

    It sounds like you did not have great luck with container gardening…I’ve been thinking about giving it a shot, I’d really like to grow some kale, tomoatoes and squash. Did you ever try larger vegetables/greens in containers? Or do you really need a legit outdoor garden for that.

  • Katy says:
    April 8, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    I want to start a herb garden too but I live in an apartment with a small balcony that doesn’t get much sun light. :(

  • Ameena says:
    April 13, 2014 at 3:33 am

    My posts and comments have been sporadic as well, so I totally get what you mean!

    That is a beautiful picture, by the way.

    And I have a black thumb – I can’t keep anything alive. It’s pretty terrible!

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