three little things

1. this body butter is amazing. cannot get enough lately and i think the perfect scent for summer!

2. jenny lewis has a new album called the voyager. she’s a great gal so you should check it out! listen on spotify here.


3. my new favorite magazine called ‘lone wolf.’ it’s for thinking but fashionable ladies who want a bit more than cosmo. rather, that we think MORE of ourselves than what cosmo seems to think we care about.

we’ve almost made it to the weekend! any special plans or are you taking it easy? share with me a ‘little thing’ that’s made you smile lately.

3 Responses to three little things

  • Sophie says:
    August 10, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Sandalwood body butter? I’m so envious that Pacific don’t ship to the UK! I love musky, more masculine scents.

    Got to love spotify!

    How is your skincare going lately Melissa? One minute I think I’m going okay with mine and then next it goes crazy!

    • Melissa says:
      August 10, 2014 at 1:23 pm

      hey sophie! i actually need to do a post update about this soon! after 2 solid months of the diy cleanser, i stopped. the first month went ok but in the second month and hotter temps etc. i was finding that the castile soap+oil was leaving a residue on my skin and the essential oils + tea tree were causing tiny irritated bumps around my temple region. i’m a ‘rinser’ of face washes (some people use toner or a wash cloth) and i guess i was leaving a film of dirt & spf from my bb/oil and that soap behind causing issues.

      my solution was to go gentle and heal the irritation so i am currently doing a very simple routine: wash morning and evening with this: and then i tone with this: i then just apply my bb over my t zone when my skin is still damp from the rosewater. in the pm i moisturize with either straight jojoba oil or a mix of jojoba+tamanu+lavender eo. that’s it! i even stopped exfoliating with a scrub because i was finding it too irritating. i learned a valuable lesson about the strength of natural products—-they are POTENT! i have sensitive skin so the less stuff i use, the better apparently. hope that helps!

      • Sophie says:
        August 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm

        Ahh that is annoying to hear. I use muslin cloths, but I find if a cleanser is going to leave a residue even they can’t remove it!

        It’s interesting that you find a foaming cleanser works well, I’m always a bit sceptical with them. The same goes for oils – I’ve tried some in the past and they didn’t work so well! I agree with you on the potency, my skin is very sensitive too.

        I’m also thinking of addressing some things in my diet incase that is causing some inflammation.

        Thank you so much for your informative reply :)!

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